Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 215 Weekly Assignments: Week 8

CSC 215


As we agreed at the start of class on Tuesday, we will depart from our linear march through our text taking notes, and jump ahead to do the equivalent of hello world in assembly language.

Thursday, October 19th

Classwork / Homework

Use both classwork and homework time to complete the assignment given Tuesday. Each of you should come to class on Monday prepared to show your running program on your school laptop.


To earn an A for this week's evaluation, you much have ACC.ASM on your school laptop, and be able to assembly it into a running program in your Altair 8800 simulator that will display ACC when run.

Tuesday, October 17th

Classwork / Homework

The following pairs will work together to write, assemble and run a program named ACC.ASM that will print the letters ACC to the screen when run:

  • Edward and Julissa
  • Joseph and Cyrus
  • Nate and Sheel

Your task is to do each of the following before the start of class on Monday, October 23rd:

  1. Extend the program in Listing 7-1 of our book (on page 74) so it prints ACC instead of just $. Put our source listing in a file named ACC.ASM.
  2. Move ACC.ASM from your host computer to the third virtual disk of your Altair 8800 simulator (DRIVE C:).
  3. Assemble it using the assembler (ASM.COM) on DISK A: of your simulator environment.
  4. Run the executable program and display ACC on your screen.