Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Web Design & Development: Week 4



This week we will be diving deeper into the process of website construction, and learning how to use an online tool to do HTML and CSS validation.

Thursday, September 21st


Today in class you will begin work in our online curriculum.


Take the Pre-text before coming to class next Tuesday and begin working your way through the first lesson.

Tuesday, September 19th


We will begin class with a quiz on chapters 1 and 2 from our Head First text. We will then add validation links using a bit of JavaScript magic to a footer element in each of our web pages.

Click on this link and save the page as your new min.html.


Begin reading Chapter 3: Web Page Construction from our Head First book.

Shout Outs

Alex E. did a nice job completing all assigned tasks and then going a bit above and beyond them, even if his CSS animation almost gave me a brain aneurysm ;-) From Johan I learned the exciting news about a future chess grandmaster. Marin and Kate immediately set about making their websites all their own, which is the best way to learn this tech (it's called in the business, scratching your own itch)! Olive has some nice CSS effects.