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Web Design & Development: Lesson 4




By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

How to Study This Lesson

While it is important to be aware of the vendor prefixes, I don't want you to use them on the websites you make for this class. These are only needed for cutting edge features, and for our purposes we should focus on learning to use the more mature, and thus already widely supported, features.

So, please remove all vendor prefixes from your rebrand and other websites you make for this class.

The CSS3 topics discussed in this lesson are advanced topics, and our goal as first year students should be to make ourselves aware of their existance rather than trying to master their use. Let's learn enough to be able to answer questions correctly on the certification exam, but not let ourselves get bogged down in the large number of details related to transformations and animations.

Tuesday, November 21

Use today to finish your hands-on work from Lesson 4. When you return from the break, we will begin our study of the third of our formal languages in this course, JavaScript.

Monday, November 13

Our friend Jose Ejemplo has been having way too much fun exploring the cool CSS effects from this lesson. He won't be able to share them with you until after the Lesson 4 quiz (on Tuesday, November 21st), so stay tuned!

NOTE: The quiz for Lesson 4 will be given at the beginning of class on Friday, November 17th, and will only contain questions from Lesson 4.

In the meantime, he did want to share an article he found and make a brief comment about it in the section below.

Don't Get Sassy! (Not yet, at least ;-)

A few of the questions in Lesson 4 refer to SASS, which is an acronym for Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets.

Jose found an excellent blog post, How to Use Sass with CSS, which does a nice job explaining what SASS is and how to use it.

Since SASS needs to be compiled into CSS before it can be used, we won't mess with it just yet. At this point, we just need to be aware of its existance and have some idea what it is used for.

Wednesday, November 8

We will begin class today by evaluating what we did in lesson 3 and discussing how we can improve the learning process during lesson 4 with each of the three evaluation factors.

End of Q1 Test

You will be getting back your end of quarter 1 test today. Overall grades were really good, as the following results table shows:

Q1 Test Results

though not everyone is where we want them to be. Your project grade for lesson 4 will be in part determined by an activity (see below) designed to help you learn from your results on this test.

Website Project

To earn an A at the end of lesson 4 on your project you should:

  1. add the transformations to your rebranding presented in Lab 4-1.
  2. use Jose Ejemplo's lab4_2.html as a starter page to complete Lab 4-2.
  3. complete as many of the examples from Jose Ejemplo's endofq1_test_review.html as time allows. You should focus on the questions you got wrong on the test.