Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 222 Weekly Assignments: Week 7

CSC 222


During the short week (when we meet only once) and the long week (when we meet three times), we will begin studying C++'s object oriented programming (OOP) features.

Friday, October 20th


We will begin class today with three pointers and arrays presentations.


Finish the exercises at the end of Chapter 12: Member functions. Please use class time to work on this assignment. The last exercise, which asks you to create your own Fraction structure, will take a good bit of time to complete.

Be ready to present your solutions to these exercises if called on by our random student chooser when we arrive in class on Tuesday.

Wednesday, October 18th


We will begin with presentations from Turner and Fikir, and Akshay and Caleb. We could have one more presentation if another group is ready.

After that we will discuss concepts from Chapter 12: Member functions. Your homework assignment will be to summarize this chapter in your own words in your notes.


Read Chapter 12: Member functions in our text and take good notes on it in a markdown file named

Your notes should include mention of each of the following terms: member function, invoke, current object, interface, implementation, implicit variable access, constructors, and header files.

Monday, October 16th


As I mentioned last class, I will not be here today, so you should use class time to complete your pointers and arrays presentation, so that you are ready to present it in class on Wednesday.

Note: On Wednesday, Turner and Fikir will present a solution to the bughunt1 problem presented in class, and Akshay and Caleb will have an alternative project of trying to install QtCreator on their school Macs and recommending to us whether or not we can do this.


Finish your arrays and pointers presentation.

Thursday, October 12th


During class today we will share the first of our pointers and arrays presentations. I will share and and offer the latter as a possible arrays and pointers presentation.

After that we will watch a video by Robert C. Martin that offers the best definition of what OOP really is that I have seen.


Finalize your topic for your arrays and pointers presentation so that you can work with your partner on it in class on Monday.