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CSC 222 Weekly Assignments: Week 6

CSC 222


This week we move from higher to lower level abstractions in our use of the C++ programming language by introducing pointers and arrays.


Your evaluation for week 6 will be determined by your pointers and arrays presentation.

Friday, October 6th


We'll begin class with the high school contest presentations from the pairs that have not yet shared with us: Parker and Dane, Shangwen and Turner, Cody and Ved, and Ivan and Adonis.

We'll then take a look at this crazy little program José Ejemplo wrote as he was trying to wrap his head around pointers.


Using José's experiment for inspiration, and our class discussion for guidance, see what you and your new partner can do to learn more about how pointers are handled in C++.

Wednesday, October 4th


We will start class today with two or three more programming contest problem solutions from our classmates.

After that things will get really messy, since we will dive head first into an exploration of garbage. Our fearless explorer, José Ejemplo, will lead the way by sharing his print_garbage.cpp and print_garbage2.cpp programs.

After we clean ourselves up, we will select new pairs to work together on a project to demonstrate how pointers, arrays, and structs can be combined into useful programs in C++. An A project will be one which solves some useful programming problem (any useful programming problem) utilizing pointers and one or more arrays.

As is only appropriate, we will let C++ choose our pairs, using a little program José Ejemplo wrote for us just for that purpose (*Note*: pairs choosen were Cody and Ved, Luis and Shangwen, Marin and Trostin, Jamethiel and James, Fiker and Turner, Caleb and Akshay, Adonis and Ivan, Parker and Jackson, Liam and Dane, Anfal and Anar, and Isaac and Johan).


I've added a few more exercises to the end of Chapter 11 (with more to come). Please complete these exercises and commit your solutions to your git repo.

Monday, October 2nd


We will begin class with feedback on last week's evaluation. Last week was a tough week for grades in this class. The distribution of grades for week 6 is A:7, B:5, C:2, D:1, E:7. Fortunately we started the year so strongly that the overall grade distribution is still A:15, B:6, C:1. Let's agree to make week 6 an anomaly, not to be repeated.

Going forward, please do each of the following:

  1. Close all open issues. I noticed that a few of you have issues that have been open for several weeks. Failure to close open issues will cost you a letter grade on your next evaluation.
  2. Complete assignments by their due date. I spend a lot of time evaluating your work, and I can only do it effectively when assignments are completed on time.

Next we will share two or three more contest problems. Dane, Parker, Shengwen, Ved, Liam, Cody, Johan, Turner, Anfal, Ivan, Anar, James, Fikir and Adonis still have to present.

After that we will check-in for questions on the chapters assigned last week (8, 9, and 10).

Finially, as time permits, we will begin our exploration into the wonderful world of pointers and address arithmetic.


Read Chapter 11: Pointers and arrays in our text and complete the exercises at the end of the chapter.