Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 222 Weekly Assignments: Week 4

CSC 222


This week slow down and begin to dig deeper into what we have learned so far this year. With the introduction of the strings, we will now have both the data types (to handle numbers and text) and the control structures needed for writing programs to solve a wide range of interesting problems.

Thursday, September 21st


We will begin class today by looking at José Ejemplo's solutions to the homework exercises. We'll then talk about how to use Unix I/O redirection to read and write data in files.

Finally, we will choose pairs for a project assignment (*NOTE*: pairs choosen were: Johan and Fikir, Ivan and Adonis, Ved and Cody, Anar and Anfal, Shangwen and Turner, Isaac and Luis, Trostin and Caleb, Parker and Dane, Akshay and Mr. Curtis, James and Liam, and Jamethiel and Marin).


Find a problem from a High School Programming contest that can be solved with the programming tools we have thus far (most problems should now fit into this category). Work with your partner to develop a solution to your problem that you can present in class next week.

An example of a set of such a problems is this set from Seminole State University.

Tuesday, September 19th


I was very impressed with the work I saw in your git repos this past weekend. It seems everyone was able to remain on the ship as it rocketed through the first 6 chapters of our book. This week the promised slow down begins, where we will begin to dive deeper into how computers work, necessitated by the complex and sordid history of string handling in C++.

I modified our text yesterday to move all the end of chapter exercises into seperate files for chapters 1 to 7 in anticipation of the work we are about to begin on Chapter 7: Strings and things.

Some things we need to discuss:

  1. What is a string?
  2. What is a character?
  3. What is a character set?
  4. What is ASCII? What is EBCDIC? What is Unicode?
  5. How are strings handled in C++?
  6. Yuck, why so many different and incompatible ways?


Work with your partner on the projects we discussed in class.