Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 222 Weekly Assignments: Week 3

CSC 222


With three class meetings this week, we will continue to practice our software development workflow as we move rapidly through the early review chapters of our text.

Friday, September 15th


We will start class by presenting solutions to our homework from Wednesday.

We will then discuss iteration with C++'s while loop.


Create a new subdirectory named ch06 inside your Exercises directory in your git repo. Complete the exercises at the end of Chapter 6: Iteration from our text.

This is due by 11:59 pm on Saturday, September 16th.


Your solutions to the chapter 6 exercises will be part of your week 3 evaluation. You will also have a short quiz based on these excersizes when you come to class next Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 13th


Today in class we will explore functions that return values and learn about function overloading.

We'll let our intrepid C++ explorer José Ejemplo show us the way with his overload.cpp program.


Create a new subdirectory named ch05 inside your Exercises directory in your git repo. Complete the exercises at the end of Chapter 5: Fruitful functions from our text.

Come to class Friday ready to share your solutions.

Monday, September 11th


Grades for week 2 have been entered in Synergy. The class distribution was A - 12, B - 2, C - 5, and E - 1. Two of you emailed me before the assignment was due, which earned you a ticket to complete the assignment after the due time. Unless I made an error in deriving the grade, the rest of you will keep what you have. We will start class today reflecting these results and discussing how they relate to class expectations.

After that we will talk about the conditional control structure in C++, comparing and contrasting it with Python.

We will also discuss C++'s support of recursion.


Create a new subdirectory named ch04 inside your Exercises directory in your git repo. Complete the exercises at the end of Chapter 4: Conditionals and recursion from our text.

You should also clean up your git respositories using git rm to remove digital artifacts that do not belong in them. You should add a.out to your .gitignore file, for example.

I will file issues when I see something that needs addressing. Whenever you see an issue, you should address it and then mark it as closed.

To earn an A on next week's evaluation, you need to close all open issues.

Shout Outs

Shout out to Parker for his ten_mathematical_expressions.cpp which nicely met the requirements of the assignment.

Shout outs to Liam for uselessresult2.cpp and Cody for exercise3-2.cpp, which nicely make use of comments to complete the assigned task.

Shout outs to Johan and Turner for their ten_mathematical_expressions.cpp programs, which use a more advanced approach to a beginner's task, thus letting me know what they can already do in C++.

Shout out to Trostin for choosing good names for his programs.