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CSC 222 Weekly Assignments: Week 1

CSC 222


Welcome to CSC 222: Object Oriented Programming! This is the 2nd in the three course core sequence in computer science at NVCC, following CSC 221: Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming and proceeding CSC 223: Data Structures and Analysis of Algorithms. This is the first half of a dual-enrolled course high school course that is paired with CSC 208: Introduction to Discrete Structures during the Spring.

In this course we will learn to write object-oriented programs in C++. This week we will dive right into that task, but our first goal is to make sure everyone has the required CLI skills to write, compile, and run C++ programs.

Wednesday, August 30th


Please create a git repostitory named csc222 that you will use for the work you do for this class. You will be asked to email me a link to this repo in this evening's homework.

After you create your repos, we will write, compile and run what is perhaps the most famous program in the world,

The source code for our take today on this classic little gem is:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

// main: generate some simple output

int main()
    int num = 42;

    cout << "The meaning of life, the universe, and everything";
    cout << " is of course " << num  << "." << endl;

    return 0;

The reason this silly little program is so famous is that if you can compile it and run it, it means you have a working development environment and you know how to use it. That is no small feat.

While I won't prevent you from using any other development tools you like, the only tools I will be using in class, and the only ones you can ask me for help with, are the Unix CLI, the Vim text editor, and the command-line C++ compiler on your system.


Using your VCCS email account, send me an email to my VCCS email address: introducing yourself to me by answering the following questions:

  1. What is your past experience with with the Unix CLI, console based text editors like Vim, and revision control using git?
  2. What is your previous programming experience? Which programming languages do you know? How well do you feel you know them? With which programming environments do you have experience?
  3. What motivated you to sign up for this course, and what are you hoping to get out of it? Please be as specific as you can. I have some flexibility in the particulars of what we do in this course, so the better I understand what you're looking for, the better I can modify our plans to better align them with your goals.
  4. Read Chapter 1: The way of the program in our text and send me an email to my VCCS email address from your VCCS email with a solution to the single exercise at the end of the chapter.
  5. What is the URL of your csc222 git repo that you will use for this class? Is there anything else you would like me to know about you?

NOTE: Please submit this assignment by 11:59 pm on Sunday at the latest, so that I have time Monday to reply to your email before our next class on Tuesday.


You will earn an A for this first assignment if you provide thoughful answers to my 3 questions, a B if you provide some answer to each question, a C if you send me an email, and an E if you do not.