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CSC 221 Weekly Assignments: Weeks 16 and 17

CSC 221


With only one day in week 17, we'll combine weeks 16 and 17 together. We will complete our Base 64 project, and then move into PCEP prep until we all earn the certification.

Tuesday, December 19th


Today we will have a quiz on numerical expressions. I will grade it and return it to you during class, so that we can go over it. We will continue with this daily PCEP prep quizzing at the beginning of each class period upon our return in 2024.

The quiz you will have on Tuesday, January 2nd will consist of questions involving sequence types.

Friday, December 15th


Today we have our quiz on Base64 encoding.


Study the PCEP practice questions here. Be sure you can answer similar questions involving numerical expressions in Python in a quiz when you come to class on Tuesday.

Wednesday, December 13th

Classwork / Homework

I am out sick today, so the test planned for today will be postponed until Friday. Use class time today to compare your solutions to the practice test given to you Monday to be sure you know how to do the Base64 encoding and decoding.

Monday, December 11th


We will begin class with a review of the group solutions to the Base64 project.

After that I'll give you a brief look at a tool called a hex editor, which can be used to view and edit the contents of binary files. We'll use a seasonal kitten picture as our binary file:

Holiday Kittens

Finally, we will look at example questions to prepare you for your Base64 test on Wednesday. I've prepared a practice quiz for that purpose.


Study for the Base64 test.