Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Introduction to Computer Science: Week 16


This week you will continue working on your final projects, and we will focus specifically on improving your use of git to manage and document your work.

NOTE: It is time for your end of semester course evaluation for NVCC. Please visit https://nova.mce.cc and complete your evaluation.

Week of Monday, May 24th


Use asynchronous time to work on your final projects, being sure to make commits to your git repos as evidence of your work.


Your grade this week will be determined by the evidence of your work as it exists in your git repo. I will be specfically looking for the following things in your git repos:

  • You should be making frequent commits over the period of time when we have class (at least three different days during the week). You should commit each time you make a substantial change to your project.
  • Your commit messages subject line (and we are only including subject lines) should always complete the following sentence:
    If applied, this commit will your message here
    It should begin with an imperative mood verb, start with a capital letter, and end without a period (see How to Write a Git Commit Message for more about how to write good commit messages).
  • You should have removed all unwanted digital artifacts (like .DS_Store files, vim swap files, binaries, etc.). You should add things like .DS_Store to your .gitignore file to keep them from creeping into your repo.