Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Introduction to Computer Science: Week 13


This week we will finish our introduction to relational databases.

Wednesday, May 5th


We will start class today by asking Meiji and Josh to show us their commit messages, since they set the bar for how this should be done.

Next we'll have a brief discussion of SQL injection, providing me with a chance to share my favorite XKCD comic of all time, Exploits of a Mom.


Come to class Friday prepared to share your plan for your end of year project.


You will earn credit for having a well developed plan for your end of year project. This is the second time you have done this, so your plan this time should reflect the lessons learned last time around.

Monday, May 3rd


Watch the following videos from the Databases unit of Python for Everybody:

  1. Databases - Complex Models - Part 3
  2. Databases - Part 4
  3. Databases - Foreign Keys - Part 5
  4. Databases - JOIN - Part 6

Try the examples presented, and add them to your git respository.


Be prepared to answer questions about these videos when you arrive in class on Wednesday. You will be evaluated by both your git repo and your response to in class questions.