Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Introduction to Computer Science: Week 11


Since Caleb fixed the bug that blocked our progress with robots.py, we will return to that project this week with the dual goals of learning OOP and helping test gasp for Caleb.

Friday, April 23rd


Today we will rewrite robots.py to be object-oriented. Beginning with the OOP version of robots.py I shared in class, complete the rest of the game in our new object-oriented programming style.


To earn an A next week, you should have working version of robots.py written in our new OOP style with a series of commits to your git repo showing the stages of your progress writing it.

Wednesday, April 21st


After verifying that everyone can do a git pull to update gasp, we will resume work on our robots.py program from Sheet 5: The Robots are Coming!. Should fortune smile upon us and we not encounter any more show-stopping bugs, we can finish this program this week, and then rewrite it in a more object oriented style as a way to learn OOP.


To earn an A this week (assuming know further show-stopping bugs are found), you should have a complete, working version of robots.py by the time you come to class on Friday.

Monday, April 19th


Complete the assignment given on Friday of last week, evaluated as described there.