Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 221 Weekly Assignments: Week 10

CSC 221


This week we will practice using doctest until you will hopefully become comfortable enough with it to use as part of your regular progamming practice.

Thursday, November 2nd


During the first half of class we will share presentations of our doctested functions. After all pairs have presented, you can begin work on your homework assignment.


Complete Lesson 8: Files from Python for Everybody, including watching the video lectures and completing the end of lesson activities.

Tuesday, October 31st


I asked the Python interpreter to select pairs for our last programming project of the quarter, and here is what it came up with:

Pairs for the 4th Period Python Course
Alex will pair with Grant.
Toby will pair with Evan.
Blu will pair with Alessandra.
Jake will pair with Noah. 
Erica will pair with Conrad.
Kiersten will pair with Abi.
Anupama will pair with Jack.
Amelie will pair to with Adrian.

Pairs for the 5th Period Python Course
Samuel will pair with Mayah.
Evan will pair with Gabriel.
Udval will pair with Rockwell.
Luka will pair with Timothy.
Fatima will pair with Donovan.
Dylan will pair with Jonathan.
Daniel will pair with Colin.
Sean will pair with Yuri.

We will begin class with the makeup quiz for those who need to take it.

After the quiz you will work with your partner on your final evaluated assignment for the first quarter.

Working with your partner, find a small collection of functions you both love, and write doctests and then Python code to implement and test them.

The exercises from the end of Chapter 5: Functions provide one possible source of functions, provided no two pairs choose the same function.

But don't feel limited by this. You can choose any function that you and your partner can test and implement.


Come to class on Thursday ready to present your tested functions to your classmates.

An A presentation will:

  1. begin with a presentation of the doctests, explaining how they clearly capture the input and output requirements of the function.
  2. explain the problem solving approach used to write an algorithm to transform inputs into outputs as specified by the tests.
  3. explicitly refer to the types of data begin used and operations performed on the data.