Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Introduction to Computer Science: Week 8

Week of Monday, March 22nd


I will be out for surgery this week, so as we discussed in class, your assignment this week will be to complete Sheet 5: The Robots Are Coming, based on the 1984 video game.

As plan B, or if you have the time and would like to earn some extra credit, try to complete Sheet 2: Turning the Tables, Sheet 3: Pretty Pictures, and Sheet 4: Higher! Lower!.

I am porting these materials from the old gasp, which was written in Python 2, to the new one, written in Python 3. I am exploring changing the sheets a bit at the same time to make them more aimed toward the needs of our class. If (I should say when) you find bugs, it would be a huge help if you would file issues here.


A completed, working version of robots.py in your git repo will earn you an A for the week.