Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Introduction to Computer Science: Week 7


This week we will continue working together on Chomp.

Friday, March 19th


Wednesday, March 17th


At the beginning of class we will work together to make sure you have a git repository set up for csc200 which is linked from our Student Git Repo page that contains your work from class.

During the rest of class We will continue working together on developing Chomp.


Complete the web investigation Object-Oriented Programming before 11:59 pm tomorrow.


Your evaluation this week will be determined equally by the presence in your git repo of our shared work on chomp.py and on your answers to the questions about OOP.

Monday, March 15th


I said on Friday that you didn't have any homework, so I'm not sure if you will see this post. If you do, it would be a big help if you could create a new git repo on GitLab named csc200, and confirm that the link I have for you on this page links to it. We will do this first thing in class on Wednesday in any case.