Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Introduction to Computer Science: Week 6


This week we will begin working together on Chomp. Be ready at the start of class on Wednesday to demonstrate that you have the gasp module installed on your computer and properly configured to move forward with this project.

I greatly enjoyed reading your definitions for software library and framework. I wanted to share Tyler's definition for library:

Libraries are collections of code that can be used in a program. The programs are often referred to as modules. Python is often known as a language With Batteries Included, which actually alludes to the modules that come pre-installed with python. A library simply adds more things you can do in your code without having to write the entire code inside your code.

since he included a common statement about the language we are learning this year that directly relates to its large standard library.

Meiji wrote excellent defintions for both library and framework which also specificially reference examples in Python.

Wednesday, March 10th


Today we will begin working together on Chomp. I will take turns calling on you to share your screen and take your turn as presenter.


You will be evaluated on how well you can keep up with the process in class and share your screen when called upon to do so.

Monday, March 8th


If you do not have gasp installed and configured in your PYTHONPATH, you should be sure to visit me during my office hours between 7:30 and 10:30 am today.


I will do a quick check-in at the start of class on Wednesday, asking you to share your screen and demonstrate gasp working and configured. You will receive one of two grades: A - installed and configured properly, E - not installed and working properly.

We need to have this working to move forward, so I am relying on you to take the time before Wednesday's class to make sure you are ready.