Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Introduction to Computer Science: Week 4


After sharing our JSON projects on Wednesday, we will begin learning about Object-oriented programming (OOP) in Python.

Friday, February 26th


Today we will share our screens and show our working PartyAnimal code (which I hope can be done in 2 minutes each or less). Then we will install gasp and and the beginning of our chomp.py program to our git repositories.


Complete the assignment What is a library? and submit it on our Canvas site before midnight on Tuesday, March 2nd.


This assignment will make up 1/2 your grade for week 5.

Wednesday, Feburary 24th


We will share the projects we made using JSON in 5 minutes presentation during show-and-tell today in class.


Watch the first two videos in Object-Oriented Programming lesson of Python for Everybody and implement the PartyAnimal class that Dr. Chuck presents in the 2nd video.

Be prepared to share your screen and show your running version of PartyAnimal when you arrive in class on Friday.


You will be evaluated this week on your presentation in class and your homework assignment, which you should be ready to share when you arrive in class on Friday.

Monday, February 22nd


Use your asynchronous time today to complete your JSON project assigned last class on Friday, and be ready to make a 5 minute presentation of it during our show-and-tell on Wednesday.

If you need help, I strongly encourage you to join me during my office hours between 7:30 and 10:30 am today.


This project will comprise 1/2 your grade for this week.