Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 215 Weekly Assignments: Weeks 16 and 17

CSC 215


With only one day in week 17, we'll combine weeks 16 and 17 together. These two weeks we will read the chapters on arrays (chapter 3) and strings (chapter 4) in our textbook, completing a collection of programming exercises from each.

Tuesday, December 19th


The books have arrived, so we will now be freed to use materials from any chapter. We will begin with Chapter 4: Strings immediately upon our return in 2024.

If you have not already done so, today is your last opportunity to complete array programs 1 through 5 and 7 through 10 on page 113 of our text. You must have working solutions for all of these to earn an A for this assignment.

Friday, December 15th


During class today we will share solutions to the problems assigned last Monday and Wednesday.


Complete exercises 7 through 10 on page 113 of our text.

Wednesday, December 13th

Classwork / Homework

I am out sick today. Complete exercises 2 through 5 on page 113 of our text.

Nate, please continue working on your C++ translations of the Java examples from Allen Downey's Think Java 2nd Edition.

Monday, December 11th


We'll start class by sharing and comparing our solutions to the exercises assigned last class. We will then take a look at Chapter 3: Arrays in our text. This chapter is a review of a discussion we have already had, but it goes into considerably more detail.

Since the best way become a better programer is by getting lots of experience programming, and reflecting on and drawing lessons from that experience, that's just what we'll do. We'll spend several classes working exercises from the end of this chapter, beginning with the first exercise.

I've created Installing and Configuring GCC on Windows. We will take a look at it in class.


Complete exercise 1 from the Programming Exercises on page 113 of our text. Come to class Wednesday prepared to share your solution.