Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 215 Weekly Assignments: Weeks 12 and 13

CSC 215


We will combine weeks 12 and 13 (since week 13 is only two days long) into one three class session plan.

Monday, November 20th


Today we will have our quiz on functions using bitwise operators. The quiz will consist of four questions, one each on the four functions defined in bit_tools.c.


Enjoy your time with family and friends! We'll begin working on our Base64 project when we return.

Thursday, November 16th


Nate, Sheel, and Jeff will spend the day working with the BDS C compiler.


Do a detailed study of the four programs presented in class. Be sure you know how to evaluate each of the bitwise operator expressions that they contain, and understand how each program uses these to achieve its aim. You will be asked to hand trace a specific call to each of these functions in your quiz on Monday.

Tuesday, November 14th


We will begin class today by seeing what Sheel and Nate have to show us from their investigation of BDS C programming on the Altair 8800.

After that I will share edited versions two of the exercises, ex2_6.c and ex2_7.c (along with the helper file bit_tools.h), that you shared in class last Thursday, and we will discuss two things related to the changes I made:

  1. How they should set the standard for the kind of documentation I will expect in future homework exercise presentations of this kind.
  2. How you should study these programs to prepare for the quiz we will have on them next Monday.


Julissa and Cyrus will work together to bring ex2_9.c up to the level of clarity provided in the examples I shared, and Joseph and Edward will do the same with ex2_8.c. Come to class Thursday prepared to present your improved versions.

Sheel and Nate should use this time to catch up with Chapters 1 and 2 from The C Programming Language, and study the examples presented in class, so that they will be ready for the quiz on these exercises next Monday.

NOTE: Since four of you will be on the senior field trip Thursday, one of you from each pair should email me (jde232 at with a link to your competed program. This assignment will count for 25 percent of your first evaluation for 2nd quarter (with the quiz being the other 75 percent). To earn an A grade, your documentation should be consistent with the two examples presented in class, and your worked example should clearly demonstrate how the algorithm in your program works.