Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 215 Weekly Assignments: Week 11

CSC 215


This week we continue with our study of The C Programming Language.

Thursday, November 9th


We will begin class today by getting back the chapter 2 quiz and discussing correct solutions to each of the 8 questions, and how they relate to each other.

For questions 2, 3, and 4, we will take a look at A_4ways.c and discuss how it hopefully illuminates the best way to think about data values in C.

After discussing the quiz, we will share solutions to the assigned exercises from last class, and see a presentation from Nate and Sheel on their work with the BDS C compiler for the Altair 8800.


Read 2.11: Conditional Expressions and 2.12: Precedence and Order of Evaluation. Complete Exercise 2-10.

Come to class next Tuesday ready for a quiz on the exercises from chapter 2.

Monday, November 6th


We will begin class with a quiz on sections 1 to 8 from Chapter 2: Types, Operators, and Expressions in The C Programming Language 2nd Edition.

After the quiz I'll briefly share a little adventure I had with ChatGPT, and talk about how you should use this valuable resource in your study of C.

Finally, we will discuss C's bitwise operators and divide up exercises 2-6 through 2-9 among the four of you.

NOTE: The quiz took longer than anticipated, so I let Python choose the exercises for you. Joseph has exercise 2-6, Edward has exercise 2-7, Julissa has exercise 2-8, and Cyrus exercise 2-9.


Complete your assigned exercise and come to class on Thursday ready to share and explain your solution.