Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 215 Weekly Assignments: Week 10

CSC 215


This week we will continue our study of The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition.

Thursday, November 1st


Today we will complete sections 1 to 8 Chapter 2: Types, Operators, and Expressions. Read the chapter sections, write, compile, and test the example programs, and complete the exercises.

You will have a quiz on these sections when you arrive in class next Monday, which will be your last grade of the quarter.

You will be able to use one 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper with notes, front and back during the quiz.


Finish your study of Chapter 2: Types, Operators, and Expressions and come prepared next Monday for the quiz on these sections.

Tuesday, October 31st


Julissa and Edward will share their summary of sections 1.1. through 1.4, and show us a complete working version of the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion program developed in those sections.

Cyrus and Joseph will share their summary of sections 1.5 through 1.8 and show us the counting programs and power function developed in those sections.

Jeff will summarize Section 1.9: Character Arrays, and share the getline and copy functions developed in that section, as well has a few other example programs using character arrays.

Nate and Sheel will update us o their work getting C programs compiled for the Altair.