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CSC 215 Weekly Assignments: Week 5

CSC 215


I have two alternative plans for what we do next, which will depend on our feedback from the last programming assignment. We will decide together in class whether to spend a bit more time understanding the architecture of our computer, or moving on.

Friday, September 29th


Today we will take a first look at the book we will be using for the next phase of our learning, CP/M Assembly Language Proramming, but Ken Barbier.

Before we can begin using this book, however, we need to move from the online Altair 8800 simulator we have been using to a more full-featured one. Today in class we will take care of that.

Download LiamsAltairConfig.tgz, extract it and add the altairz80 program appropriate for your host operating system.


Read Chapter 1: Hardware Components Of the Computer System, taking detailed notes in our git repo in a file named


I will expect to see notes that indicate an understanding of the chapter content.

Wednesday, September 27th


Today in class we will share our solutions to the programming problem given last week.


Write a program that reads a number from memory address 0x0047. If the number read is even, then it is replaced at the same location with 1/2 the number. If the number is odd, it is replaced with double the number.

Pairs for this assignment are: Julissa and Joseph, Cyrus and Sheel, and Nate and Edward.


This assignment is due before you arrive in class on Friday.