Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 215 Weekly Assignments: Week 4

CSC 215


We meet three times this week, so we have a great opportunity to make significant progress toward learning how to program the Altair.

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Jason and Edward, we are ready to load CP/M in our Altair clone. We won't be doing that this week, but it is nice to know we are ready.

Friday, September 22nd

Classwork / Homework

I'm out sick today. Please complete the project assigned Wednesday, and have it ready when you come to class next Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 20th


Today in class we will share the programs that we were not ready to share on Monday. After that, we will work on the homework problem as time permits.


Write a program that reads a value from memory address 0x0050, and then increments that value by one ten times, storing each incremented value in the next location in memory.

For example, if the value found at address 0x0050 was 00001010, after your program runs the values at memory addresses 0x0051 through 0x005A would be 00001011 through 00010100 respectively.

Pairings for this assignment are Nate and Edward, Cyrus and Joseph, and Julissa and Sheel.

Monday, September 18th


We will spend class today sharing the Altair machine language programs we wrote for homework, and then planning our next in the programming process.


Do a web search and come to class on Wednesday with at least three websites containing useful Altair 8800 resources for our study. Come to class on Wednesday ready to share your resources.