Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 215 Weekly Assignments: Week 3

CSC 215


This week we will key in several small programs in machine language into the Altair simulator and run them.

Thursday, September 14th


Today in class we will share our binary programs for the Altair 8800, after which I'll introduced you to MITS Altair Simulator Program Converter, a python program to allow you to write your next program in hex before uploading it to the Altair simulator.


Create a source file for altair_sim_prog_converter and come to class next Monday ready to show off what you did. This will be your second program for the Altair, since you have more time to work on it and are hopefully beginning to grok the functioning of the Altair, I hope this second program will be at least a wee bit more ambitious than the first.

Tuesday, September 12th


We will begin class by sharing the presentations on Part 2: Organization of the Altair 8800 that were assigned last week.

We will then enter and run Edward's version of the program from Part 3: Operation of the Altair 8800 and use a small Python program I wrote to create binary files that can be directly uploaded to the simulator and run.


Write a small program for the Altair that you can share with our class on Thursday. Pairs for this assignment are Julissa and Cyrus (and Jeff), Joseph and Edward ("on time Edward!"), and Sheel and Nate.