Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 215 Weekly Assignments: Week 2

CSC 215


This week we will run our first program on the MITS Altair Simulator.

Friday, September 8th


We will start class with a presentation from Nate on how to create and share presentations using reveal.js.

We will then work through Part 3: Operation of the Altair 8800 together, entering and running our first program. Download zero_ram.bin. Edward and I will show you how to use this during the walk through.


Finish your presentations and be ready to share them at the start of class next Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 6th


During class today we will share presentations on the material assigned last week.


Read Part 2: Organization of the Altair 8800, taking useful, high quality notes in your git repo.

The section has the following sub-sections, which we should divide up for presentation to class next Tuesday:

  1. A. CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT (Julissa and Nate)
  2. B. MEMORY (Cyrus and Edward)
  3. C. CLOCK (Cyrus and Edward)
  4. D. INPUT/OUTPUT (Joseph and Sheel)


You will earn an A grade for notes that are complete and useful, which go beyond what is included in the text.

Our goal on Friday will be help each other gain a solid foundation of the parts that make up the Altair 8800.