CSC 208 Class Presentation Grading Rubric

Grade Description

The topic presented is clearly and accurately summarized. There is evident understanding of the key idea(s), which are presented in a way that will help the class remember them. In addition to the text, at least two additional resources are utilized (and credited) that reinforce and/or supplement our textbook. An appropriate number of solutions to well chosen example exercises from the chapter are presented. To earn credit, each presenter in a group must play an active role in the presentation.

All presentations should be created in Markdown files under revision control in your git repository for this class.

B The topic presented is clearly and accurately summarized with evident understanding of the key idea(s). Additional resources were not utilized and credited. Some solutions to sample exercises are present, but not enough to illustrated all the key concepts.
C The topic is presented, though a clear understanding if the key idea(s) is lacking. No additional resources are are used. At least one example exercise is solved.
D Some work was completed, but it shows only minimal effort and does not provide sufficient evidence of goal attainment or learning mastery.
E No evidence of work presented.