Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 202: Week 11


Our goal this week will be to complete an implementation of an ordered list in C using a a linked list.

Thursday, March 26th

Classwork / Homework

We will begin with a presentation of Conor's C implementation of an ordered list using a linked list by Abby and Shushan.

After that, let's move on to studying a new ADT, the queue. Since I want you to continue to deepen your understanding of ADTs as mathematical objects, Abby and Shushan should modify the Queue class definition as presented in our text with the formal definition given by NIST. We can talk about what that means in our Zoom meeting today. Use your modified Queue with the hot potato and printing tasks simulations in our text, and prepare a presentation on what you did for our next meeting.


We are still in an unknown state of affairs regarding grading policy for on-line classes. That said, you all know you have an obligation to your future, and since you each have done A work consistantly, let's just keep doing that!