Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 202: Week 9


We have two main goals for this week: gaining a deep understanding of our Python stack implementation and how it was used in the (), {}, [] matching and in-fix, pre-fix, post-fix conversions, and beginning to implement a linked list in C.

Friday, March 6th

Classwork / Homework

Shushan and Abby will present and discuss the C implementation of a stack given on Monday, and Conor will present and discuss the generic linked list.

With our understanding of C structs and how to use them to create a linked list, let's develop a programs on our own that make use of what we've learned:

Write a program in C to maintain (add and remove elements, print) an ordered list of integers as described in section 4.23: Implementing an Ordered List in our text.


Your evaluation will be based on the presentation of your program in class on Tuesday.

Monday, March 2nd

Classwork / Homework

Conor will present a summary of most important ideas from the remaining sections of The C Programming Language, then Shushan and Abby will present us with The Wonderful World of Pointers.

After Shushan and Abby lay the groundwork for us to use pointers in C, Jeff will share a short fun with pointers experiment and then we will look at the following resources:

We will divide up the task of presenting on these two programs as homework for Friday. Abby and Shushan will prepare a presentation on the stack implementation, and Conor will prepare a presentation on the generic linked list implementation, including memory mangement with malloc and free.


You will be evaluated equally on your presentation and your git repository.