Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Computer Science 202: Week 3


We will spend this week, both in class and out, working programming problems using arrays.

Friday, February 4th

We will begin class by sharing solutions to the programming exercises assigned Monday.

Classwork / Homework

For homework, choose two problems from past VCU High School Programming Contests and write solutions for them in Python. You may use the provided Java solutions as a resource, but I highly encourage you to try to understand the problem before look at the Java.

I've already done this with 2013 Problem A here. Come to class on Tuesday ready to share your solutions.

Wednesday, February 2nd


We will begin class today with what I hope will be our routine practice every time we begin a new chapter. The process will work thus:

  1. You will be assigned to read the chapter and answer the multiple choice and true / false questions at the end of it for homework.
  2. We will begin class with a discussion of any questions you have prepared from your homework.
  3. We will take a Canvas quiz based on the reading, which will comprise roughly 1/3 of your grade for the chapter.

Last week you were assigned Chapter 3: Arrays. After discussing any questions you have from the reading, we will have a 10 minute quiz.

After the quiz, we will begin working on the programming exercises from the chapter. There are 25 of them. Since it is really through working these example problems we will truly learn, we should collaborate on working all of them. Let's make a plan to divide up the problems among two pairs and one lone programmer (the lone programmer should rotate from week to week among the 5 of you).


Working either with your pair programmer or alone if you're the lone programmer, develop solutions to your assigned problems and be ready to present them in class on Friday.