Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 202: Week 2


This week will complete Chapter 1: A Tutorial Introduction from The C Programming Language, and begin Chapter 2: Types, Operators, and Expressions.

Monday, January 13th


We will begin with a discussion of the assigned part of chapter 1 from last week. Some questions I hope we will explore include:

  1. call by value vs. call by reference
  2. strings in C - character arrays

We will also take a few minutes to answer Conor's question from last class about How to use the Editor Vim as an Hex Editor.

Here are a few links for websites I found useful for a first introduction to finite-state machines:

Since the word count program is an example of a state machine, it provides a nice opportunity to introduce this important concept.


Complete all examples and exercises from Chapter 1: A Tutorial Introduction in The C Programming Language from section 1.7 Functions through the end of the chapter. Add these to your csc202 git repository.


Come to class on Wednesday prepared to discuss the homework. Your evaluation will be based equally on your git repo and the class discussion.