Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Computer Science 202: Week 2


This week we begin Chapter 3: Arrays. We will spend a few weeks on this chapter, since through it we will develop our C programming workflow while we learn about our first data structure.

Friday, January 28th


We'll start class by having you share your results and reactions from your first TDD practice in your homework.

I will hopefully be ready to present on Implementing a (sort of) generic, (sort of) type-safe array in C.


Read Chapter 3: Arrays, taking notes to prepare for discussion in class next Wednesday. Read and answer all Review Questions on pages 112-113, and the Multiple-choice and True or False questions on page 114.

Wednesday, January 26th


We will start class today with an appeal to take advantage of a fun opportunity intimately related to this course, the VCU High School Programming Contest.

We will then spend the rest of class developing a light-weight workflow using a minimalist unit testing framework, MinUnit (see also: MinUnit).

The presentation that will guide our activity can be found here. The 4 commits made on January 26th here can serve as a model for what you should do for you for your homework.


Use the TDD approach we discussed in class to write functions to implement each of the algorithms presented in the first 5 example programs from Chapter 3: Arrays (pages 72 to 75).

To earn an A for this assignment there should be evidence in you git commit history of each stage in the development process, similar to the example presented in class.

Monday, January 24th


On Monday we will share the presentations from Chapter 2: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms, and then take a short quiz.


Get the first 4 programming examples from Chapter 3: Arrays (pages 72 to 74) to compile and run.