Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

CSC 202: Week 1


Welcome to Semester 2 and the start of CSC 202: Computer Science II, a data structures and algorithms course!

This week we will be introduced to the broad topics of the course in chapter 2 of our text, Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms, which is our text for the course. We will use that as our primary resource, supplementing it with web based resources as needed. We will also be using our NVCC Canvass site for taking quizzes.


  • Read Chapter 2: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms from our text, taking notes in your git repo using Markdown.
  • Divide into groups and prepare presentations summarizing the chapter. Work with Jack to learn to use our presentation system.
  • Listen to Jeff's presentation on Big-O.
  • Setup your own fork of markdownslides and learn how to create slide presentations using it.


Your evaluation for this chapter will be based equally on your presentation and your chapter quiz grade.