Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Introduction to Computer Science: Week 3


This week we will begin a study of Object-oriented programming in Python.

Thursday, January 23rd


After our quiz, we will setup Francesco's GASP-2020, and use it to complete Chomp.


We will run gasp directly from Francesco's GASP-2020, git repo, so we can pull changes as Francesco fixes bugs we uncover.

  1. In your Projects directory, run:
      $ git clone https://gitlab.com/gasp-development-team/gasp-2020
    to clone Francesco's gasp.
  2. Change into the gasp-2020 directory and run:
      $ python3 setup.py develop
    to install both gasp and the required version of pygame.


Create a new subdirectory in your csc200 directory named chomp. For homework, and for classwork on Monday (I won't be here), work your way through the Chomp activity, making regular commits to your repo.


You will be evaluated on the commit history in your repo, which should contain a sequence of commits demonstrating regular progress through the activity, and indicating that you spent the required time and made the required effort on the project.

Tuesday, January 21st


After our quiz, we will watch a short video on the four pillars of object-oriented programming. Then we will be introduced to OOP in Python.


Complete the first three blocks of the Object-Oriented Programming module from our SoloLearn course: Classes, Inheritance, and Magic Methods & Operator Overloading, doing experiments and committing them to your csc200 inside a new OPP subdirectory as you work through the lesson.


You will be evaluated equally on your git repo and your quiz results.