Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Introduction to Computer Science: Week 1


Happy New Year! This week we will bring final closure to our Base64 encoding project, and use homework time to prepare for Friday's Introduction to Programming Using Python certification.

Monday, January 6th


We will select new partners for this week, and work in pairs to finish testing our Base64 encoding and decoding algorithms.

Miguel and Leila, Jakob and Graham, Jio and Devin, and Liam and Jail in 3rd period, and Marcos and Andrew, Rachael and Amirah, and Christopher and Jack in 5th period will work together to:

  1. Create a new subdirectory in your itp100 git repo root directory named Base64FinalTest.
  2. Edit a new file in this subdirectory named Base64ExperimentNotes.md using the Markdown Cheat Sheet to learn enough Markdown to edit the file.
  3. Download Base64FinalTest.tgz, and uncompress it and extract its contents.
  4. Work with your partner to figure out how to use the software provided, documenting your experiments as you go in the Base64ExperimentNotes.md file.
  5. When you are successfully able to conduct full experiments both encoding and decoding binary files in Base64, you should notice that decoding takes far longer than encoding. Why is this (hint: we discussed it in class)?
  6. Research how you could use a Python dictionary to greatly speed up the decoding task, and try to implement the solution you come up with.


Use your 90 minutes of homework time to access your G*Metrix account to study for the MTA 98-381 certification exam this Friday. Prepare at least three questions from the practice set for class discussion on Wednesday.


You will be evaluated equally on the code you put in your git repo and the questions you hand in on Wednesday from the G*Metrix preparation.