Web Development and Computer Science at the Arlington Career Center (ACC)

We Have a Growing CS / Web Development Program at ACC!

Our Computer Science and Web Development programs are growing, and this year we are super fortunate to welcome Dr. Kaung-Ti Yung as our new CS instructor. Dr. Yung brings a wealth of experience and an interest in some of the hottest topics in the field including machine learning and deep learning. Students interested in these topics can look forward to exciting projects this year related to them.

Happy to be back in person, we will still be sure to continue to leverage some of the tools we used last year to make it easier for us communicate remotely both synchronously, using BigBlueButton, and asynchronously, using a new tool this year, Zulip.

Seven of our seniors last year graduated with both their high school diploma and their Associate degree in Computer Science from NVCC. This marks the culmination of the dream of our program since we first started talking about offering dual-enrollment at ACC more than fifteen years ago.

This year we will build on that accomplishment and focus on expanding our web development pathway as well.

To learn more about our Web Development pathway, click on Web Development Pathway for the course sequences offered, and look at the brochure Web Design and Development for more information on the program. For our Computer Science Associate Degree program, see CS Pathway and Computer Science.

You are invited to browse this site to see examples of student work and projects, and the class materials and assignments we use here in ICT at ACC. So enjoy your visit and come back often. There are exciting things going on at the Career Center!

- Jeffrey Elkner

Contingency Plans for Virtual Learning

There is a lot of talk now about getting ready for a move to virtual learning in the event of another weather closing. We already have all the tools we need for virtual learning in place, so we need only adapt the tools we already are using, this website and our Zulip chat, to a modified purpose. In order to handle this contingency as smoothly as possible with minimal stress and maximal effectiveness, please note the following: