Computer Science and Web Development at ACC

CS & Web @ ACC

School Year 2024-25

Welcome to the Arlington Career Center's Computer Science and Web Development portal!

This year Chris Jones will join our staff, and he and old timer Jeff Elkner will continue to grow our program.

We have an integrated curriculum across the courses below that will provide students with a deep understanding of what a computer is and what it can do, while also allowing students to leave us with job ready skills as entry level web developers.

Here are links to the VCCS course descriptions of the courses we offer:

To learn more about our Web Development pathway, click on Web Development Pathway for the course sequences offered, and look at the brochure Web Design and Development for more information on the program. For our Computer Science Associate Degree program, see CS Pathway and Computer Science.

You are invited to browse this site to see examples of student work and projects, and the class materials and assignments we use here in CS and ICT at ACC. So enjoy your visit and come back often. There are exciting things going on at the Career Center!

- Jeff Elkner and Chris Jones