ITN 270: Advanced Linux Network Administration

Course Syllabus


Jeffrey Elkner

Contact Information:

Phone: 703-228-5771
Email: jeffrey.elkner@apsva.us
Web Site: http://ict.gctaa.net/sections/itn270

Course Schedule

Class meets Monday to Friday from 1:40 to 3:10 pm in Room 214 of the Arlington Career Center. Discussions and new assignments will be given on Mondays and Wednesdays, with Tuesday, Thursday and Friday used for labs.

Office Hours:

I will be available after class on Wednesdays and Thursdays and at other times by appointment.

Course Description and Purpose:

Focuses instruction on the configuration and administ ration of the Linux operating system as a network server. Emphasizes the configuration of common netwo rk services such as routing, http, DNS, DHCP, ftp, telnet, SMB, NFS, and NIS.

This is a 3 credit course which will combine class discussion with hands-on projects.

Course Objectives:

All course objectives as outlined in the NVCC college-wide course content summary will be met by this course. Additionally, students will prepare for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification.

A detailed list of specific topics for this course is included here.

Curriculum and Resource Materials:

The main resource for this course will be the Red Hat System Administration II online curriculum materials made available to students in this class through the Red Hat Academy. Students will master the contents in this list.

Other supplementary textbooks and resource materials include:

Helpful web resources include:

Evaluation and Grading:

Course grades will be comprised of two categories which will be weighted equally: classwork / projects and tests / quizzes. Each category will determine 50% of your grade.

Class Policies:


Attendance in this class is mandatory. Students must adhere to the attendance policy of the Summer School of Arlington Public Schools. Additionally, the policy of Northern Virginia Community College appertaining to attendance will be observed.

Classroom Conduct:

Every student must exhibit behavior which contributes to an atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning. All Students are expected to show respect for their classmates, the teacher and other staff members, and to be actively engaged in learning for this course during their time in class.

Academic Honesty:

The Arlington Public School and The Northern Virginia Community College are committed to the highest standards of academic honesty. As a result, appropriate actions will be taken in this course to discourage breaches of academic honesty. All work presented by the student as theirs should be the work of that student alone. Plagurism in any form will not be allowed.