ITE 100: Introduction to Information Technology

Course Syllabus


Jeffrey Elkner

Contact Information:

Phone: 703-228-5771
Email: jeffrey.elkner@apsva.us
Web Site: http://ict.gctaa.net/sections/ite100

Course Schedule

Class will meet each school day from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. in Room 214 at Arlington Career Center.

Office Hours:

I will be available for walk-in questions from 1:05 to 1:40 p.m. each weekday, and will make arrangements for other times by appointment.

Course Description and Purpose:

Covers the fundamentals of computers and computing and topics which include impact of computers on society, ethical issues, and terminology. Provides discussion about available hardware and software as well as their application.

In this course you will learn about computers and information technology while you also learn to create socially useful mobile apps. In addition to a presenting a broad overview of the role and impact of information technology on our contemporary world, the course is project-based and emphasizes writing, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

Course Objectives:

All course objectives from the NVCC college-wide course content summary will be learned in this course. Since this class is also dual-enrolled for high school credit, we will be aquiring the skills on the Virginia Department of Education IT Fundamentals Tasklist.

Tutorials and Resource Materials:

We will be using the ICT Essentials Suite as our main resource, supplemented with other on-line resources as needed.

Supplementary Resources

Learning Environment:

In addition to the ICT skills and concepts specific to this course, the goal of the Arlington Career Center is to help students develop into independent, self-directed learners. To that end, we will be putting into practice a learning framework.

Evaluation and Grading:

Each student will earn a weekly grade based on their work in class and their Problem Based Learning (PBL) Technical Journal for that week, as described in the rubric therein. Students are both permitted and encouraged to challenge any evaluations with which they do not agree, but only during the week immediately following the evaluation. Evaluation grades will not be changed after this time.

Class Policies:


Attendance in this class is mandatory. We will be learning new things each time class meets, as well as practicing our newly acquired skills. Regular attendance will be essential to success.

Classroom Conduct:

Every student should practice behavior that supports learning. All students are expected to show respect for their classmates, the teacher and other staff members, and to be actively engaged in learning for this course during their time in class.

Students should likewise respect our computer lab as a place of learning, and treat all equipment with care and leave it ready for classmates using after them.


Academic Honesty:

Arlington Public School is committed to the highest standards of academic honesty. All work presented by the student as theirs should be the work of that student alone, and proper credit should always be given for work borrowed from others. Plagiarism in any form will not be allowed.