ITD 256: Advanced Database Management

Course Syllabus


Jeffrey Elkner

Contact Information:

Phone: 703-228-5771
Email: jeffrey.elkner@apsva.us
Web Site: http://ict.gctaa.net/sections/itd256

Course Schedule

Class will meet each week day from 1:40 to 3:10 PM in Room 214 at the Arlington Career Center.

Office Hours:

I will be available after class Wednesday and Thursday and remotely by appointment.

Course Description and Purpose:

Focuses in-depth instruction in the handling of critical tasks of planning and implementing large databases. Includes an introduction to concepts of advanced data warehousing and database configuration.

This is a 3 credit course which will combine class discussion with hands-on projects.

Course Objectives:

The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to database management. The course will define essential database terms and concepts. The emphasis of the course is on the design, development, and use of a relational database. The student will learn the basics of drawing an Entity-Relationship diagram (ERD) to represent user requirements, transform the ERD to a normalized relational design, and then use Structured Query Language (SQL) to implement and work with the database.

Curriculum Materials:

We will utilize the book, Head First SQL, by Lynn Beighley, available online through the NVCC Safari Books website as the core resource, supplemented with other on-line resources listed below.

The following additional resources will be used in this course:

Evaluation and Grading:

Students will demonstrate mastery of course skills and concepts through hands-on projects and through documentation of their understanding in a weekly journal. The total grade for the course will be shared equally between these two kinds of assessment.

Class Policies:


Attendance in this class is mandatory. Students must adhere to the attendance policy of the Summer School of Arlington Public Schools. Additionally, the policy of Northern Virginia Community College appertaining to attendance will be observed.

Classroom Conduct:

Every student must exhibit behavior which contributes to an atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning. All Students are expected to show respect for their classmates, the teacher and other staff members, and to be actively engaged in learning for this course during their time in class.

Academic Honesty:

The Arlington Public School and The Northern Virginia Community College are committed to the highest standards of academic honesty. As a result, appropriate actions will be taken in this course to discourage breaches of academic honesty. All work presented by the student as theirs should be the work of that student alone. Plagurism in any form will not be allowed.