Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Web Page Design II: Week 5


Welcome to Quarter 3!

This week will reach the halfway point in our CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 curriculum. For those who finish early, we will continue with Django for Everybody.

Task List

  1. Read Unit 5: Introduction to JavaScript.
  2. Complete all activities and answer all questions, including both the flashcards and the end of unit test.
  3. Complete the lab from the unit, adding HTML and CSS validation links and making sure everything is valid in your work.
  4. Link to the labs from your website.


Your evaluation for the week will be based equally on your curriculum completion and your lab work. To earn an A you need to complete the unit and have the completed lab with validation linked from your website.

Completing the unit means:

  1. Reading the curriculum
  2. Practicing with the flashcards
  3. Taking the quizzes