Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Web Page Design II: Week 2

Good artists copy, great artists steal. -- Steve Jobs


We will begin this week by adding a résumé to our websites, and will then return to our CIW curriculum.

Goals for Week 2

After completing the resume task, complete Unit 3: Introduction to CSS Version 3 (CSS3) from our CIW course.

Resume Task

Add a résumé to your website by following this process:

  1. Visit html-resume. Select the Clone or download dropdown menu item. Click the Download ZIP link to download a zip file containing the résumé source code.
  2. Uncompress the zip file. Rename the resulting html-resume-master directory to simply resume. Delete the PDF file, and move the directory into your git repository for this class.
  3. Add a new second level heading to your homepage titled Portfolio. Add a link titled My Résumé in a list item under this new heading (see Jose Ejemplo's site for an example), and link to resume/resume.html.
  4. Edit resume.html, adding an html validation link (again, use Jose Ejemplo's site as a model) and making any changes needed to make the page valid.
  5. Change the content of the page to make it your resume.

A Note on Validation of Other People's Code

As our skills develop, we are finding ourselves more and more often modifying the existing code of other authors. This is to be expected, and is a sign of our growing skills. We will notice, however, that they are often not as strict about using standards as we are, which will make validation a challenge. The résumé activity is a case in point. I also noticed this page on Beatriz's site.

Our goal will be to use these challenges as an opportunity to grow our skills, while at the same time not letting ourselves get bogged down by them.


A huge shoutout to Nora for finding this resource, which solves th mystery of our css validation errors.