ITD 110: Web Page Design I

Course Syllabus


Jeffrey Elkner

Contact Information:

Phone: 703-228-5771
Email: jeffrey.elkner@apsva.us
Web Site: http://ict.gctaa.net/sections/itd110

Course Schedule

Class will meet each week day from 1:40 to 3:10 PM in Room 214 at the Arlington Career Center.

Office Hours:

I will be available after class Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and remotely by appointment.

Course Description and Purpose:

An introduction to web page design using HTML 5 and CSS 3. Students will learn to create styled web pages using the latest web standards.

This is a 3 credit course which will combine class discussion with hands-on projects.

Course Objectives:

The objective of this introductory web page design course is to help students quickly aquire the core skills needed to create syntactically correct, styled web pages using the latest web standards.

A detailed list of specific competencies (skills) for this course is included here.

Tutorials and Resource Materials:

Our main resource material will be these two tutorials:

Other supplementary matrials will be provided as needed.

Evaluation and Grading:

The central goal of this program is for students to aquire real world skills in web application development. In pursuit of that goal we will take a competency based learning approach, and evaluation will focus on each student's ability to perform varifiable tasks (competencies) for each course in the program through completion of hands-on projects using the skills.

Students will be evaluated on their ability to perform each skill in the competency list for each course (see the Course Objectives section above) and given a numeric score using the following scale:

4Expert - Can teach others the skill
3Competent - Can perform the skill without assistance
2Practicing - Can perform the skill with help
1Exposed - Can recognize the skill being performed
0No Evidence of mastery or recognition of skill

A student is competent when she can perform the skill without assistance, earning a score of 3 or 4.

Students will receive a letter grade for each course based on the percentage of required skills they can perform on their own, using the following scale:

Gradepercent of competencies
with score of 3 or greater
Eless than 60

Class Policies:


Attendance in this class is mandatory. We will be learning new things each time class meets, as well as practicing our newly aquired skills. Regular attendance will be essential to success.

Classroom Conduct:

Every student should practice behavior that supports learning. All students are expected to show respect for their classmates, the teacher and other staff members, and to be actively engaged in learning for this course during their time in class.

Students should likewise respect our computer lab as a place of learning, and treat all equipment with care and leave it ready for classmates using after them.


Academic Honesty:

The Arlington Public School and The Northern Virginia Community College are committed to the highest standards of academic honesty. As a result, appropriate actions will be taken in this course to discourage breaches of academic honesty. All work presented by the student as theirs should be the work of that student alone. Plagurism in any form will not be allowed.