Governor's Career & Technical Academy Arlington

Web Page Design I: GDW HTML Project


Congratulations on completing Getting Down with HTML! Today you will start a project that will apply skills from all of our completed lessons in the Getting Down with HTML tutorial. This will be your end of course project and will use all the skills you have acquired in the course.

What Do You Need to Do?

  1. Choose a topic for your project. The best projects are the ones you make for a customer - a club you are in, a sports league you play for, a project in our school, etc.
  2. Make a new directory inside your public_html for your project. The name you choose should relate to your project.
  3. Copy min.html to project1/index.html. This will be the start page for your project.
  4. Make a link from your home page to your project directory.
  5. Make a link from your project start page back to your home page.
  6. Make at least 5 pages about your project.
  7. Make links from your project start page to each of the pages of your project.
  8. To earn an A for the project, the following should be found on at least one of the 6 pages (the index page and the other 5 pages):
    • 25 different HTML element types (spread over the whole project)
    • unordered list
    • ordered list
    • definition list
    • table
    • 4 or more images

If you followed each step correctly, you should see your new web pages by clicking on your name here and following the link to your project start page.